More and more people are swapping gym memberships for yoga mats in their own living rooms or backyard mini-boot camps. Indeed, working out at home has many amazing benefits, such as:


  • Convenience – no commuting and carrying around spare clothes
  • Cost – exercise groups, gym memberships and PT sessions are sometimes hard to afford
  • No need to share equipment and adjust your pace – it’s all about you!


This is not to say that opting for home workouts doesn’t carry any risks, the biggest of which is actually sticking to the routine. It’s so tempting to skip a workout or slack off when you’re the only person who’s holding you accountable! Besides, look at all the chocolate and crisps lying around the house…and this TV show is really addictive…


In other words, exercising at home means temptations everywhere!


However, you can do this if you’re really determined to create an effective home exercise program – after all, there are many people are working out at home successfully. You just need a few tricks of trade, which we are about to share in this article!


Find your digital fitness fit.


In the era of smartphones, health and fitness apps come in handy when it comes to planning workouts, getting motivated and tracking progress. For many people a little digital nudge in a form of a pop-up notification is all that’s needed to drop on the floor and do those pushups, or get out for a jog before work.


There are way too many fitness apps out there to cover every single one in this material, but here are a few examples to get you started:


  • Daily Burn is a great subscription-based service which allows you to stream literally hundreds of workouts no matter where you are, provided there is internet connection (which is pretty much a given these days). No more workout DVDs lying around the house – get more variety from a single app instead.
  • Les Mills On Demand is another great subscription-based service which gives you instant access to some of the world’s most famous Les Mills programs, including but not limited to BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE and CXWORX. A little tip: paying upfront for 12 months is the best bang for your buck, and it’s still cheaper that most gym memberships!
  • Bodyrock TV is a rapidly evolving exercise movement, which caters to all fitness levels – there are so many workouts to choose from! Most of them are also under 30 minutes, which is a great start if you’re lacking time or don’t have enough stamina for longer workouts yet.


These are just the examples – so do your research and find something that appeals to you the most! Don’t forget to take advantage of free trials, as most of the subscription-based services do offer them.


Speaking of free trials, there is another amazing service which deserves a separate credit!


Aaptiv is a new app that offers audio-only workouts from top trainers set to music you love.  Simply put, it syncs up motivational guidance to your favorite music, offering regular and inciting vocal updates. These updates may sound along the lines of “Okay, give this last thirty seconds all you’ve got and then we have just two more challenging intervals like this.” (that’s an actual one from the app), and most users find them super-appropriate and motivating, so no more annoying fitness nagging.


Another benefit of Aaptiv is a super attractive price point, as you can enjoy these innovative workouts for only $9.99/month ($49/year). Even though the currency rate conversion isn’t great at the moment that’s still cheap!

And – that’s unlimited classes and a variety of instructors too! You can also try it for free for 30 days, so it’s a deal that’s very hard to skip if you’re really determined to kick start your at-home fitness regime.



Pencil it in.


In other words, know what you’re going to do and when.


Just like you plan meetings, family outings and doctor appointments, you need to plan your home workouts in order to truly succeed. Mark it in your diary or on your wall calendar and cross the workout out when it’s completed for that extra boost of satisfaction.


Also, make sure you’ve planned an actual workout, not some vague “exercise time”. Otherwise, when the time comes, you’ll spend hours deliberating on what DVD to use or which app to turn to today.


If you’re doing a particular workout for the first time, make sure you know what exercises are in and how to execute them, so you don’t waste precious minutes working out correct form instead of, well, just exercising for success.


Set your space.

Apart from procrastinating while choosing a routine last minute, you know what can actually set you back from reaching your goals? Not having your space ready!


Make sure everything is laid out and ready for your upcoming workout, including (but potentially not limited to – double check what’s required for your routine and make sure you even have it at home in the first place!):


  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Yoga mat
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Appropriate exercise attire


Speaking of exercise clothing, in order to reach your goals, it’s very important, especially when it comes to something like yoga…


Dress for success.


If you choose to exercise at home, it doesn’t matter you get to slack off with your workout wardrobe. Those cute tops and compression tights are not only for making you look pretty at the gym; they also serve a functional purpose! Exercise clothing is made of appropriate materials which promote effective sweat evaporation (meaning you’ll be feeling nice and cool) and range of movement. Your old jeans and baggy tees don’t quite cut it.


This is not to say you need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on these garments – most department stores these days carry affordable, decent quality workout clothes to suit your purpose.


The only thing we don’t really recommend saving on is the shoes – and you’ll definitely need a pair unless you’re only planning on doing yoga/stretching/pilates.


Tell Your Friends About Your Workouts


We’ve already mentioned that accountability is one of the leading reasons why home workout regimes fail – so many temptations around, so little time!


If you’re struggling to keep yourself accountable, we have a perfect solution for you: tell your friends about your new exercise regime! Mention it at a party, post it on Facebook and upload a picture of your cute exercise attire to Instagam…and you’ll instantly get this much-needed push as your friends will inevitably start asking questions!


Try Half A Workout Instead


OK, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need any of these tips – we’d be too busy accomplishing our daily fitness goals without any mishaps.


However, life happens – and sometimes you may find yourself way too tired to even think about exercising. And this is perfectly fine, unless it happens every single day!


We also believe that giving up is not an option, and something is much better than nothing when it comes to exercise. So here’s a simple, yet very effective trick to get you going…


Try a half workout instead of the full one you planned!


Set yourself a goal of performing 50% of the routine, which is very doable even if you’re super tired. Got through 50%? Well done! Gained momentum and ready to keep going? Even better! It’s a major win regardless.


The Bottom Line


Active lifestyle is a wonderful thing, and working out at home can be a great, convenient way to achieve your goals.


Stick to the tips above and keep reminding yourself why you started this journey to start with – and you will become the best version of yourself possible in no time! All it takes is persistence, hard work and a couple of tricks to always stay on track.


You’ve got this, we promise.