Michael Denton Lost Over 5 Stone With Personal Training

Michael Denton Personal Training Oxford

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Michael Denton Personal Training Oxford

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"The service you provide has been crucial in changing my mindset, psychology & not just my body".”
Michael Denton

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Michael Denton had struggled with his weight for a long time before starting personal training. His weight gain had been affecting his energy levels and confidence before he decided to make a change. By combining personal training, nutrition & supplementation Michael was able to completely transform his life.

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Michael's Achievements

Michael has consistently been working with Nick (Oxfordshire Personal Trainer)  twice per week for 18 months. Over this time Michael's confidence & physcial ability has grown. There were times along the journey when changes needed to made and we adjusted his diet accordingly.

Prior to personal training, Michael managed to lose 2 stone and a further 3 stone with our help. This  type of weight loss is usually unsustainable but Michael has boosted his metabolism for long term maintenance. I have no doubt that the education he has taken on board from his weekly personal training sessions will guarantee he continues to lead an active and healthy lifestyle; More importantly, I highly doubt he will ever gain the weight back with his new mindset!

Our Solution

We spent a long time increasing Michael's metabolism to produce significant and consistent weight loss. His metabolic rate increased so much that his weight loss began to accelerate and not plateau.

Michael has worked closely with his personal trainer to learn about the complex nutritional strategies needed to continue losing weight. 

Our personal training app has been crucial to document his progress as well as give extra support in the form of workouts to do at home.

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