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Watch Margaret's Customer Success Story

Personal Training

Watch Margaret's customer success story today and hear why she recommends our service!

Margaret Baxter Oxford Personal Training


Margaret attended the gym prior to meeting Hannah at Oxfordshire Personal Training. sShe decided to join the gym with some friends and regularly attended spin classes. But like a lot of people, she found classes were not quite achieving the results she wanted. Can you relate to that?


Margaret Baxter Oxford Personal Training

About Margaret Baxter

10 Years ago Margaret was told that she would need a hip replacement surgery within 3 years due to a chronic condition. 10 Years on she has managed to avoid hip surgery and isn’t expecting to need it any time soon.

She has recently climbed Kilimanjaro & she believes personal training was crucial leading up to the climb. Personal Training helped her to achieve this amazing experience.

Margaret will tell you herself, she is not the most motivated to exercise and struggles to push her self, Watch the video above to hear in her own words why she loves personal training.


Margaret Baxter Oxford Personal Training

Margaret's Challenges

The challenges we faced when helping Margaret are typical of our customers.

Her challenges:

  •  Motivation
  •  Consistency
  •  Needing Expert Knowledge
  •  Hip “Injury”

All of our trainers know how to deal with these challenges and use different tools to help customers overcome them.



Margarets Personal Training Oxford

Our Solution

Regular 1-1 personal training sessions that are booked around Margaret’s busy schedule help her plan ahead and stay committed to achieving her goals. Our program design gave the right expert knowledge needed to overcome her challenges which including restricted movement to her hip.

Margaret has also developed a love hate relationship with her trainer (Hannah) and enjoys booking further sessions knowing it gets her the results she is looking for.

Margaret has lost 28lbs  since working with us. More importantly she has avoided a last resort hip surgery, climbed an enormous mountain and improved her quality of life by becoming fit and healthy with Oxfordshire Personal Training.

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