Lucy & Sophie Toned Up With The Help Of Personal Training

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Lucy & Sophie came to Oxfordshire Personal Training feeling confused about the world of exercise & nutrition. Both had been regular gym goers, attending classes and running but they wanted to achieve better results. Sophie also struggled with a lower back condition and a problematic hip joint.

Sophie immediately began to implement an at home yoga routine in between her personal training sessions which helped her hip and lower back problem. The key was building mobility in the joints and stability in the core.

Lucy took to the nutritional support we offered quickly and managed to increase her protein intake whilst hitting the daily calorie goal. Lucy also got started on our Diet Shake 120 which helped improve her macronutrient ratios and boosted her metabolism.

As for the workouts, Sophie and Lucy compete closely on each exercise. Their program consists of weight training with a 8-12 rep range & full body workouts that include multi-joint compound movements. The program aimed to boost their metabolism through increased muscle tone. Their increased metabolism would ultimately lead to burning more body fat!

In total, both Lucie and Sophie lost body fat, increased muscle mass and visibly improved their muscle tone which can be seen in the video above! These are fantastic results that come from consistency over a 12 week period. Congratulations girls!

 Lucy Dumbbell Chest Press

Lucy Performing A Dumbbell Chest Press

In a short space of time these 2 transformed their bodies!

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