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Jon O'neill Personal Training Oxford

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Jon O'neill Personal Training Oxford

Jon Lost 5% Bodyfat & Gained 3cm to his arms.

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Jon was 18 months away from turning 40 when he met us, and had found that the changes in lifestyle had led to some unexpected weight gain. After years of being in shape, life had gotten in the way and allowed his metabolism to slow down. He had used other personal training services in the past and was looking for something better this time around.

Jon had a lot of experience with exercise in the past,and had previously worked with a personal trainer but was frustrated by not seeing results. He also hadn’t received good value for money with his previous trainer. “I felt i could have done the training sessions on my own” says Jon.

After a 5-6 years of not exercising, he had gained some unwanted body fat and felt he had let him self go. His starting weight was 79kg with 23.3% BodyFat.

One of the biggest frustrations Jon felt prior to working with Oxfordshire Personal Training was consistency, not being able to book personal training sessions & short breaks away from exercise also left him feeling frustrated and wanting better results.

Jon, like many of our clients face a variety of stressful pressures from work, home and family life.

These challenges usually create difficulty when deciding to start a new exercise program. Staying motivated and consistent is key, whilst allowing flexibility for a hectic schedule.

First we sent Jon away to complete a food diary to give us a clear picture of the foods he was eating. After our initial analysis of his body composition, we place Jon on a high protein diet, and gave him a GTEC 5 high protein supplement to support this. Our aim was to promote muscle gain and elevate his metabolism to help burn body fat. Most importantly this approach would help him to keep the body fat off in the future!

As Jon already had experience with weight training, we designed a program that incorporated compound movements with interval style cardio. This high intensity training elevates the metabolism and help Jon achieves his results.

Jons Challenges:

  • Long work hours
  • Father responsibilities
  • Lack of spare time
  • Consistency
  • Turning 40
  • Long time without exercise

In total, Jon lost inches of his waist & hips, whilst gaining inches (muscle) on his chest and arms. This change in body composition has given Jon the body that makes him feel more confident, driven and focused in his work/home life.

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