Ivison Brasil Lost Weight & Gained Muscle Despite Injuries & Age

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Despite the challenges Ivison faced, he has still achieved some of the best results we have seen. We implements a high protein gluten free diet, supported by our gluten free protein shakes. We introduced the concept of the right nutrition at the right times of day, and Ivson found this very easy to stick to! His workouts consisted of mobility exercises to increase his range of motion at the shoulder joints, hips and lower back. Once we improved his mobility we started to improve his core strength. 



With this foundation of mobility and core stability we began resistance exercises to speed up his metabolism and interval training to burn more calories. Ivison has now improved his body composition, lost body fat, gained even more muscle and can see a huge difference in his quality of life. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and truly see that #GreatWorkoutsChangeLives

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