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A passionate team of personal trainers that
believe great workouts can change lives

Built on passion and education

Our trainers are well recognised across the fitness industry. We have been providing our expertise to support the industries leading companies for over 6 years now. Our staff regularly work at national and international conferences supporting the progress of health and fitness.

Our Master Trainer Nick Eagle is regularly used to support the education efforts of Matrix Fitness systems to ensure other personal trainers deliver a high-quality service and continue their professional development.

You couldn't find a more educated and professional team to support your fitness goals

Oxfordshire Personal Training
Watch our team of personal trainers at the Matrix International Show

What drives us

Each one of our personal trainers has experienced the profound effects of exercise, and we all believe great workouts can change lives. That's why we do what we do.

All Inclusive

Our company provide a lifestyle management program with a uniquely complete approach to healthier living.We believe the best solution is usually the simplest, That why we provide everything you need to achieve your goals; Making it even easier for you to succeed.


A combined 30 years of experience with customers just like you, confirm that the only way to reach an elite state of fitness is to address the areas of Exercise, Nutrition and Supplementation and Motivation in tandem.

Results Driven

The result? When you change your behaviour and environment, you begin to function at a higher level across all aspects of your life. Whatever it is you do, Oxfordshire Personal Training will help you do it to the best of your ability. You'll move, fuel and recharge like a champion, every single day.

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