Measure Your Results, With Results Tracker

We have all been there before? “Oh, but I'm not seeing progress, is it working!?”. With our Results tracker, you can now see every little detail, and have all the data presented in graphs! 

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Measure Body Composition

We use a non-invasive method of body fat testing with Tanita scales to measure your Bodyfat, hydration levels, muscle mass and visceral fat.


Track Circumference

Using simple tape measurements, we can gauge a better view of how your body is responding to your training. Combining this with your weight gives us a better picture of your progress.

In App Tutorial

Our Personal Trainers will track your measurements, but there is nothing stopping you making changes and tracking at home too.

Why Track Body Composition?

If you say you want to lose weight, you’ll probably measure progress by stepping on a scale. But in truth, what you’re trying to lose is fat, and the number on the scale may not reflect that. There are many ways to measure your body fat percentage, but they all come with different levels of (in)accuracy.

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