Is Hiring A Personal Trainer Worth The Money?

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means New Year resolutions are soon to be made. Perhaps, you’ve decided that next year is definitely the time to shed a few unwanted kilos, defeat the beer belly and get ripped? Excellent – health and fitness goals all the way!

However, there is a catch: if you haven’t exercised consistently in a while or have forgotten what a wholesome meal looks like, you probably don’t have a clue where to start. In situations like this, you may start wondering whether hiring a personal trainer could be the right step for you. At the same time, there are many barriers to securing an appointment with a fitness professional, such as:

  • The cost. There is no way around it – personal training can be expensive, and not everyone can afford it without careful financial planning. Personal training sessions easily cost £50 and up per hour, depending on your coach’s experience and reputation. In addition, at least at the start multiple sessions per week are recommended to develop good habits and create a program that will do wonders for you.


  • Information availability. Some people think learning fitness from the internet is good enough. Indeed, there is so much information openly available that one may feel like there’s no reason to overpay for what appears to be the same stuff anyway. We personally don’t believe in online learning for beginners when it comes to health and fitness – but many people swear by it, which is why we felt compelled to include this as a conversational point.


  • Following up from the previous point, many novice athletes know a friend or two who already go to the gym/play the sport of interest. Seems like a good idea to save some money by learning from them, right?.. We think it’s wrong, since being a good athlete and a good trainer are two entirely different entities. However, to each their own!

Regardless of what your personal stance is on the points above, the fact remains: many people eventually decide that hiring a personal trainer isn’t worth it… And we believe they need to think again! Below are some fantastic benefits of taking a plunge and hiring a qualified personal trainer.


Lower Risk Of Injury


We’re not saying that you’ll need a PT at each and every session – however, starting out unsupervised at a gym can be asking for serious trouble. Poor form and pushing way beyond your capabilities can result in nasty injuries. In contrast, a professional personal trainer will help you develop great technique and create an achievable progression plan, as well as suggest alternative exercises for the moves your body simply can’t perform.


Great Investment in Your Health

As discussed above, hiring a PT may not seem like an affordable choice – and unfortunately, for some people even the most discounted price may not be realistic at a certain point of time. However, most of us can make cuts elsewhere without really noticing to afford 1-2 sessions per week (hello, eating out, compulsive shopping and alcohol!). In addition, many gyms and PTs offer discounts and payment plans on bigger packages, so if the price seems steep, don’t be afraid to ask. Another good way of reducing the cost is opting for a mini-group class – all you need to do is find 1-3 buddies, ideally at a similar fitness level as you. The point is – hiring a PT is a great investment in your health!


Guidance And Motivation


At any point of your health and fitness journey, but especially in the very beginning, it can suddenly become difficult to maintain the necessary motivation to keep going. This is where a PT can really help you, making tweaks to keep the program interesting and guiding you along the way! Planning sessions can be a very daunting task, but with a personal trainer, all you need to do is show up and give it your best shot. So, any time you feel unmotivated and bored – book a PT session and get back on track!


Keeping You Accountable


There is nothing more motivating than parting with your money – if you skip a session, your money is gone pointlessly, so you better show up! Unlike making gym plans with friends, you can’t really cling onto silly excuses when you’ve hired someone to train you. In addition, if you’re looking a bit down, your trainer will surely find the right words to motivate you and remind you of your long-term goals. Those cookies are suddenly less tempting, hey!


Providing Variety

For most people, “exercise” and “fun” are not exactly synonyms – but a good personal trainer knows how to spice up a session and put a smile on your face! This eliminates the risk of becoming so bored with your routine that you start skipping the sessions and growing muffin tops. Keep it fun, keep it moving!



Hiring a PT can be a great shortcut to obtain the right tools and skills that will last a lifetime. Your PT will support you along the way, helping you achieve the amazing quality of life and crush your goals. Getting a PT is totally worth it, as at the end they will teach you how to be your own awesome PT!