exercise misconceptions

There are many exercise misconceptions about exercise that could be preventing you from getting the exercise that your body needs. Here are 14 Common Misconceptions About Exercise you should know:

  1. Weight is What Matters: Checking your weight consistently when beginning a workout routine is not the best way to go about it. Just because you aren’t losing weight right away doesn’t mean that you aren’t reaping the benefits of exercise.
  2. 30 Minutes is Enough Exercise: Many people think 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough. However, if you are sedentary the rest of the day and eat a poor diet, it may not be. 
  3. You Should Feel Pain: When you are exercising, you should not feel pain. There may be some discomfort, however.
  4. Stretching Prevents Injuries: Static stretching before exercising can actually cause muscle power to become weaker.
  5. You Have to Sweat: Sweating is the body’s way of cooler itself. You may not sweat while exercising, but that just means your body isn’t hot not that it’s not working hard enough.
  6. You Can Spot Reduce Fat: If you are targeting abs, for example, you don’t just want to do sit-ups. Some cardio is also required to see results. 
  7. Longer is Better: The quality of exercise is more important than the actual length of the workout. 
  8. You Need to Stock up on Protein: Protien powders arn’t essential; As long as you are eating enough protein from food sources you will do just fine.
  9. Exercise is Waste if You’re Not Doing it Often: Some exercise is better than none at all.
  10. Yoga is Safer: Yoga can actually be a rigorous form of exercise. 
  11. The Gym is Best: At-home work outs can actually have more success for some people because they are more likely to stick to a routine.
  12. You Don’t Have Time: You will create more time because you will prolong your life and you will give your body more energy during the day to do other tasks that you need to complete.
  13. You Don’t Need Exercise if You Have Good Nutrition: For the best results, you need both good nutrition and exercise.
  14. It’s too Late to Start: No matter what age you are, you can reap the benefits of exercise no matter what. 

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