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Currently Held @ Cutteslowe Park Pavillion.

Revive is designed to build strength, balance & flexibility for the mind and body


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What Is Revive?



Yoga Inspired

If you have never tried yoga before then Revive is a great addition to your workout routine. If you have already tried a yoga workout you are going to love the variety that is Revive. Revive is the yoga inspired stretching workout designed to lengthen your body and unwind your mind!

Courses typically run for 8-12 weeks, once a week, with each class lasting 60 minutes. Each release combines a blend of yoga, stretching, balance and core exercises to leave you feeling centred.

The Motivating Yoga Inspired Workout

Why It works

Lengthen tight muscle, improve posture and strengthen your core whilst preparing your body for the week ahead. You will learn to focus your mind whilst letting go of stress and tension.


Carefully chosen stretches and music help you to lose yourself in an immersive environment designed for stretching., Revive helps you to find a sense of harmony and let your body experience its natural state.

Most people find it hard to lengthen their muscle. Revive create an environment when you can let go of all tension and finally free your body of tightness.


Personal Trainer

Oxfordshire Personal Training

Rhianwen Beint

Relaxing and beautiful workouts to lose yourself in.

v.1 Playlist

Breath – Telepopmusik

Shine – Felix Jaehn

Midnight River – Vaults

Perfect Ruin – Kwabs

Good Grief – Bastille

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy

Every 3 months we release a new workout with refreshing music to keep you motivated. Take a look at the music from the current release below.

Listen to track 3 of the current release below!

Under The Shadows – Rae Morris

Alive – Selah Sue

Lost Boy – Ruth B

Let It All Go – Rhodes

North – Hammock

Courses usually run for 8-12 weeks, once a week, with each class lasting 60 minutes. Each release combines yoga movements, stretching, core and relaxation to leave you feeling 10 x better than when you walked in.

* Limited to 14 Spaces, so HURRY



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