A training program is only as good as the people behind it. With our Trainers you have a long history of incredible results backing your program.

Personal Training, It's All About You!

"The beauty of our personal training service is that it's truly personal, You will meet a trainer that cares about you, creates a well-suited program and encourages you to eat healthy whilst motivating you every step of the way. What are you waiting for?"

Probably the most desirable benefit of personal training is the fact that you’re guaranteed to see positive results due to their unique knowledge of effective workouts and their years of experience working with clients just like you.

For those of us who strive to work out regularly but have trouble staying consistent, working with a personal trainer gives you the accountability you need. Our trainers will never let you sell yourself short and potential miss out on the amazing results you could achieve.

Why Personal Training

A Personal Trainer You Can Count On

Sure, there are countless online resources, magazines and books that can provide you with great health and exercise tips to assist your workouts. However, none of those resources come anywhere close to what it’s like to work directly with a personal trainer whose years of practice, experience, and unique knowledge ensures that every one of your workouts is as effective and fulfilling as possible. 

Whether you’re on the fence about working with a personal trainer or are wondering what personal trainers really have to offer take a look below at some of the amazing results our customers achieve.

Margaret Baxter

"With your help I lost 5% body fat and added 3 cm's to my arms! You are not your typical PT company"

These are real stories from real clients who've made the impossible possible with the help of our trainers. See why their commitment inspires us.

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Amazing Results Every Time

Michael Denton

"I don’t think you can do it on your own unless you are really disciplined and I don’t think many people are!"

Jon O'neill

"The service you provide has been crucial in changing my mindset, psychology & not just my body"

Achieving your fitness goals is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how much you might like for it too. By working with a personal trainer, however, you can significantly increase your chances of reaching your goals quickly.

Have you ever gotten to the gym only to realize that you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do when you get there? Never again will you waste time working out, You trainer will create the most efficient and effective workout program.

No one works as hard on their own as they do when there’s someone standing beside them, constantly pushing them to do better. A personal trainer will challenge you to run a little faster, lift that next weight up, or keep going even when you feel like you can't do any more.


Our trainers are well recognised across the fitness industry. We have been providing our expertise to support the industries leading companies for over 6 years now. Our staff regularly work at national and international confrences supporting the progress of health and fitness.

Our Master Trainer Nick Eagle is regularly used to support the education efforts of Matrix Fitness systems to ensure other personal trainers deliver a high-quality service and continue their professional development.

You couldn't find a more educated and professional team to support your fitness goals.


Working with a personal trainer is the perfect way to make your goals reality. 

You know that you need to hit the gym more often. You might even be pushing yourself to accomplish goals you didn’t even know you could meet. 

With a personal trainer, however, you’ll increase accountability, push yourself harder, and gain access to more information about the workouts you need. 

Working out and meeting your goals can be a tough journey. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to complete it alone. 



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