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Use these tools developed by our Personal Trainers to optimise your efforts and achieve the types of results our customers are used to!

Here’s your source for all the fitness tools, ebooks, webinars, and templates you need to learn, do or reference a healthy lifestyle.

The 11 Step Game Plan To Change Your Mindset Cheat Sheet

Today, you are going to do just that – go through a number of important steps to help you get into the right mindset and reach your destination as soon as possible!

5 Minute Routine To Change Your Mindset

Download this ebook and print out the journal style 5 Minute Daily Ritual. We have put together a ritual designed to supercharge your mindset in a way that we see our most successful customers achieve.

Free Checklist : How To Guarantee You Lose 2 Lbs Per Week

Creating lasting habits first starts with changing your current habits. Rather than just downloading this free checklist and never using it, print it out, stick it to your fridge and tick off the checklist every day!

Daily Routine To Empower Success

We challenge you for the next 30 days (a minimum of 10 days) to apply these principles, judge their validity first-hand, and experience the power, vitality, energy, and joy of your body being totally alive with health

SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Achieve a focused mind by simplifying your fitness goals with our SMART goal setting worksheet proven to help you achieve your goals!

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

Download the Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan to implement a calorie deficit easily. Achieve your ideal weight with a simple way to cut calories each week!

Ultimate Guide To Flexible Dieting

Much like the idea of a cheat meal being an exciting and guilt-free experience. flexible dieting is getting amazing reviews and offers even better benefits.

26 Ab Exercises For Women

The ab exercises selected for this video are a combination of best known personal training, pilates, yoga and core strengthening moves that will challenge, strengthen and tone your abs.

Beginners Guide To Kettlebells

Kettlebells will improve your overall conditioning, speed up your weight loss, and take your fitness game to the next level.

Nutritional Cheat Sheet

Learn the single portion food items from the healthy food groups you need to get leaner.

Free Nutrition Planner.xls

Whatever your diet and training needs may be, this Nutrition Planner will allow you to build and maintain your own customised daily meal plan and its COMPLETELY FREE!

Ultimate Guide To The Kettlebell Swing

Check out the 30 Day Challenge at the end for a month of great workouts.

Weight Loss Calculator

The Diet Weight Loss Calculator allows you to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)

Step-By Step Personal Training Planner

This is our official Step-By Step Personal Training Planner To Lose Weight that we use with our clients on a daily bases

How To Prioritise Exercise For Weight Loss Ebook

Hoping to get back into shape or you’ve struggled with your weight off and on for years, exercising for weight loss is your best option.

30 Dumbbell Exercises You Should Be Doing

Download this free ebook for 30 dumbbell exercises you can do in the gym or at home!

Weight Loss Checklist

This easy to use weight loss checklist is full of some of the tips our personal trainers recommend.

35 Plank Variations For Awesome Abs

The versatile move is best known for working your core, but planks also engage more than 20 muscles.

100 Calorie Snack list

This 100 Calorie Snack list is great when trying to lose weight or burn body fat.

How To Save Time, Win At Life & Be Healthy Ebook

This easy to use weight loss checklist is full of some of the tips our personal trainers recommend.

16 Of The Best low Calorie Foods

While zero-calorie doughnuts have yet to be invented, that doesn’t mean your search for foods that fit nicely into your low-calorie diet.

Free Olympic Lifting Guide

Our advice on olympic lifting, we explain how they can help and give you some teaching points when starting the 2 lifts.

30 Days To Holiday Program Ebook

People often ask me how to get ready for event in one month. They don’t have 12 or 16 weeks to prepare; often, they only have 30 days to dial it in.

The Nutritional Values Of Huel Ebook

What’s on the back of the pack & a break down of the fats, proteins and carbs & a list of all the benefits of Huel.

How To Compensate Christmas Calories

Download the free ebook today to make the first step towards staying in shape this Christmas.

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