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Our customers achieve incredible results that even amaze us. Here are some of our favorite success stories.

As Jon already had experience with weight training, we designed a program that incorporated compound movements with interval style cardio. This high intensity training elevates the metabolism and help Jon achieves his results.

In total, Jon lost inches of his waist & hips, whilst gaining inches (muscle) on his chest and arms. This change in body composition has given Jon the body that makes him feel more confident, driven and focused in his work/home life.

Jon Lost 5% Bodyfat

Regular 1-1 personal training sessions that are booked around Margaret’s busy schedule help her plan ahead and stay committed to achieving her goals. Our program design gave the right expert knowledge needed to overcome her challenges which including restricted movement to her hip.

Margaret has lost 28lbs since working with us. More importantly she has avoided a last resort hip surgery, climbed an enormous mountain and improved her quality of life by becoming fit and healthy with Oxfordshire Personal Training.


Lucy & Sophie came to Oxfordshire Personal Training feeling confused about the world of exercise & nutrition. Both had been regular gym goers, attending classes and running but they wanted to achieve better results. Sophie also struggled with a lower back condition and a problematic hip joint.

In total, both Lucie and Sophie lost body fat, increased muscle mass and visibly improved their muscle tone which can be seen in the video above! These are fantastic results that come from consistency over a 12 week period. Congratulations girls!


After spending a long time on slimming world Abigail decided she need to tone up and reshape her body with the correct exercise. Whilst attending our Boot Camps she decided that we were the right company to help her achieve her goals. She wanted the "big guys" and not just any personal trainer to help her get started. She loved working with James as her personal trainer and enjoyed each and every session. By implementing personal training, boot camps, nutritional changes and supplementation, Abigail achieved amazing results in just 12 short weeks.


Felicity has achieved some amazing results in her confidence and weight loss. She has toned up and lost weight in all the right areas. We started by designing our nutritional blueprint around her body type and based on her body composition test results.

By increasing the amount of protein Felicity was eating and increasing the amount of resistance training she was doing, it was easy to increase her metabolism. It was this increase in metabolism, supported by our boot camps and diet shakes that helps felicity to achieve her goals.

Felicity is now a more confident and happy customer after deciding to use our personal training services, rather than “another fad weight loss product.”


Despite the challenges Ivison faced, he has still achieved some of the best results we have seen. We implements a high protein gluten free diet, supported by our gluten free protein shakes. We introduced the concept of the right nutrition at the right times of day, and Ivson found this very easy to stick to! His workouts consisted of mobility exercises to increase his range of motion at the shoulder joints, hips and lower back. Once we improved his mobility we started to improve his core strength.

With this foundation of mobility and core stability we began resistance exercises to speed up his metabolism and interval training to burn more calories. Ivson has now improved his body composition, lost body fat, gained even more muscle and can see a huge difference in his quality of life. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and truly see that #GreatWorkoutsChangeLives


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