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Program Design: Receive specific programs written for you.

Nutrition Plans: Collaborate to build your unique dietary plan.

Analysis: Track your progress and see the results.

Messaging: Constant contact with your personal trainer on the go.

Your Program

Your trainer will create a custom workout plan

Everything you need. In One App.

Your Nutrition

We provide you with a unique nutritional plan

Your Progress

Graphs, graphs and more graphs to keep you motivated

Exercise Videos

Never forget an exercise again with handy video guides

Your Measurements

Track your bodyfat, muscle mass, BMR, inches and more..

Your Messages

Your trainer is always on hand to give expert advice

As a customer, you will have access to our unique mobile app to log workouts, nutrition measurements and even progress photos (optional).

Our nutritional plans include target macro nutrients and tracking. Collaborate with your trainer to implement foods you enjoy whilst still meeting your nutritional requirements to achieve results.

Your personal training, inside your pocket

You entire program logged & measured

Stay on top of your nutrition

Your trainer will create unique programs for you and deliver them within the app. Multiple workouts, weights, reps, sets , rest periods and exercise explanation videos are all included.

"I’ve been doing pt for 10 sessions now and finding it the best thing I’ve ever done Hannah is very friendly encouraging she gives me advice on my diet and if I have any other questions she’s always able to give advice. I’d say if anyone is looking to lose weight get fit then yes for definite go to Oxfordshire personal training as they are very welcoming and friendly and don’t judge you just inspire you."

"Rhianwen was my PT and she was crucial to my starting to get back into fitness. The programmes she put together were just the right balance; her attitude was very supportive and motivational. I am looking forward to my next lot of sessions."

Allison Britnell, Training with Hannah Eagle

Gill Jackson, Training with Rhianwen Beint

Hire a personal trainer, and get so much more..

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