That’s what it comes down to. Our mission is to empower you & help you to achieve your goals. Our methodology is unique and it helps move you to new places!


Friendly Support

Our staff our hired based on their ability show empathy. We offer friendly support and give you the occasional nudge when you need it most!

Top Rated

We are highly regarded as the most popular personal training company in Oxfordshire by our customers and our peers!

Design & Measure

We design and measure everything, including workouts, body composition, circumference measurements, nutrition & supplementation so you don’t have to!

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At Oxfordshire Personal Training we are here to help you make a change. If there is something you are unhappy with, and you are looking for that opportunity to change it we are here to help. Our years of experience are just what you need to get you on the fast track to achieving your health and fitness goals.

  • Advanced level personal trainers
  • Unique methodology
  • Combined 30+ years experience
  • Free supplements
  • Free parking
  • Private studio facility
  • Male & female staff
  • Professionalism
  • Combined Nutrition / Supplementation / Program Design
  • Showers and changing facilities
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Hundreds of happy customers

  • “Somebody said it Couldn’t be done” Two years ago I was 220lbs, had very high blood pressure and was on the highest dose of Beta Blockers that was normally allowed. Two years later I am 40lbs lighter in weight (but I have converted even more lard into steak) my BP is back down to normal and I am Beta Blocker Free. Mission Accomplished!
    I couldn’t have done it without the help of Nicky Eagle and Hannah Lewis at Oxfordshire Personal and of course my fellow Bootcampers who are too numerous to name. And of course to my wonderful wife Sarah who booked me in in the first place. Thanks everyone for pushing me, making me go harder and faster and keeping me honest. Eat well, move more and dont ever ever give up!

    Nick Blacow
  • Love it! Nick and Hannah are so supportive. Would recommend it to anyone

    Samantha Young
  • For Personal Training Hannah and Nick are the best. Keep me motivated and on track.

    Debbie Witney
  • Hannah and James are excellent – they really do push us hard! But it’s not all gruelling, we have a great laugh and everyone is so friendly. Give it a go, you will start to see results after a few weeks!

    Sarah Sqwiff
  • Nick is an excellent trainer. I was worried about gym work because of a long-standing injury but he is great at tailoring exercises exactly for the individual. In 5 weeks so far I have regained fitness and strength I would not have imagined, and feel really motivated to continue. Highly recommend!

    Anna Macdonald
  • What can i say… After less than 20 sessions, i’m in the shape of my life and enjoying every minute… Thanks to all the instructors and attendees, who make it what it is… What are you waiting for? Try it out!

    Matt Kohl Brooks
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How do you think personal training can help you?


Looking to make a change?  We specialise in transformation. We help make a drastic change to your lifestyle. With our tools and techniques you will be seeing the new you in as little as 12 weeks! By working with one of our elite trainers you can have your very own transformation specialist guiding you every step of the way!



Weight loss 75%
Body transformations 90%
Health & fitness development 83%
Muscle building & hypertrophy 55%

The best way to achieve results is to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, and an excellent way to learn those practices is through personal training. Working 1-1 with an expert trainer to develop the right training program is the first stage in our approach.

A dedicated specialist will be assigned to you, working with you to develop the right models of training and exercise selection to give you the best results!

Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving your health and fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or improve performance then the correct nutrition is going to vital. Our program includes your free nutritional blueprint designed just for you. Our food exchange list has been developed with only the healthiest choices in mind.

It is our focus on nutrition, training and supplementation that has built our reputation as an all inclusive personal training company!

It’s not always easy to consume the right foods at the right times to achieve your goals. Our supplements help you get all of the nutrition to ensure your body has what it needs to achieve your goals. They taste great, and come in convenient forms, so even if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for regular healthy snacking, we have something to help!

The synergy between training, nutrition and supplementation should not be underestimated, its this approach that gets our clients amazing results quickly.

  • Quality in every detail
  • Unique interface elements
  • Ready-made skins
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Fast & friendly support
  • 100% Mobile tested
  • Regular updates
  • From power elite author

If you want to run faster, bike longer or see some of that hard-earned muscle show through, you need to understand body composition. Learning about your body composition is key to your optimal performance and appearance because it can help you strategize an exercise plan in terms of your need to lose fat, build muscle or both.

Body composition testing determines how much of your body is and isn’t fat. The non-fat part of your body is called lean tissue, which includes your muscle, water, bone and organs. Lean tissue is known as metabolically active tissue, the tissue that burns calories all day.

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